Child Custody & Support in Omaha, NE


Raising a child is expensive, from paying for schooling and extracurricular activities to clothes, food, healthcare, and other basic needs. When parents get divorced, the ability to maintain the family’s previous standard of living can be called into question, which can result in you losing time with your children, or forfeiture of some or all of your parental rights.

With the help of Walz Law Offices, these pitfalls can be avoided.

 We’ll help you negotiate and enforce fair child custody and support terms while protecting your relationship with your children. 


A hands-on approach to every case we handle

Walz Law Offices has helped many couples through complicated child support and custody battles, always with the best interests of the children front and center. If your child’s other parent refuses to compromise, expresses hostility toward you during court proceedings, or if they pose a danger to your child’s well-being, our skilled and persistent attorneys will work to make sure that your children’s safety and your parental rights are secure. We can help you in matters related to:


Primary and joint custody arrangements


Negotiation of child support


Visitation rights


Modification of custody and visitation orders


Enforcement of orders


Juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings


Decisions related to religion, education, and upbringing of the child


Our attorneys will thoroughly explain Nebraska child support guidelines and how they apply to you, while keeping you informed and empowered at every step. With Walz Law Offices in your corner, you will know what your children are entitled to, and what you can expect from the legal process. 

Making child support arrangements that work

Children do best when their parents can be civil to one another. They also fare better when they can be secure in the knowledge that their food, clothing, shelter, and other needs are covered. That’s where child support comes in. 


Through the structured process of mediation, parents can often put aside their differences and focus on the importance of their child’s well-being. In our extensive experience in child support and custody cases, Walz Law Offices has found that mediation provides means for creating fair child support plans that allow both parents to share in the financial obligations of raising their children, while maintaining a comfortable standard of living for all concerned. Let our skilled negotiators guide you toward equitable solutions that save time and money. Call us today in Omaha, NE.

When all else fails, we won’t

Although mediation can be an effective tool for resolving child support or custody disputes, sometimes trial is necessary to get what your child needs and deserves. At Walz Law Offices, our family law attorneys meticulously prepare for litigation.


We are unrelenting as we fight for your child’s right to a financially stable upbringing. If your child’s other parent tries to evade their financial obligations, we can compel the enforcement of your child support order. If your circumstances change, we can petition the court for a modification to the support order.


Never forget that we are always here for you and your family, anytime! 

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