Construction Accident Attorneys in Omaha, NE


One out of five workers killed on the job in the United States is a construction worker — a sobering statistic, but not a surprising one. The Omaha, NE, work injury lawyers at Walz Law Offices work hard to help injured construction workers and their families hold negligent employers accountable,

and get the injured party fully compensated for pain, suffering, lost wages, and medical bills.

If you’ve been hurt in a construction accident, call our attorneys today. 


Common hazards at construction sites 

Even with vigilant oversight, construction sites are notoriously dangerous workplaces. Every ladder, walkway, platform, tool, or vehicle is capable of hurting someone. In Omaha, NE, the most frequent causes of workplace injuries or deaths include, but aren’t limited to:


Slip and Falls


Falling Objects




Exposure to hazardous chemicals




Getting caught or stuck in-between surfaces


Regardless of the cause or severity of the construction accident, the attorneys at Walz Law Offices will strive to get you justice. 

The nuts and bolts of construction injury compensation

In the state of Nebraska, workers who have been hurt on construction sites have different legal rights and remedies depending on the cause of their injury. Workers’ compensation is the standard way for construction site employees to get their expenses paid. It generally works by covering medical bills and partial wages for the duration of the time that you are injured, and is available to those who have been injured on a construction site or other job. 


Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, meaning that a worker can recover their expenses regardless of employer negligence, or lack thereof. Under workers’ comp, you may be limited as to which doctors you can visit, how much you can recover per week, and how long you receive payments for. Whatever your situation, our Omaha, NE, attorneys strive to get injured construction site workers the justice and benefits they are entitled to under Nebraska law.

Leaving no stone unturned

Depending on who is responsible for your injury, the attorneys at Walz Law Offices can help you file a workers’ compensation claim, bring a third-party claim against a negligent party, or both. 


While Nebraska state law prevents workers from suing their own employer, it does not prohibit lawsuits against other parties or companies on a construction site, such as other contractors, subcontractors, and property owners. Our Omaha, NE, lawyers will work with you to determine the best course of action for holding the person or entity responsible for your injury liable for their negligence, even in situations where the construction site accident resulted in death.

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