Walz Law Office

Our Process


Whether it is an injury, a divorce, dividing up the estate of your relative, or an issue with a landlord or tenant; the first step in our approach is to systematically gather the evidence and analyze it to categorize and qualify the best evidence to provide the client with the best possible outcome.


The next step it to determine the opposing party’s evidence and calculate how to devalue and defeat their evidence in order to prevail in front of a judge or jury; by the greater weight of quality evidence.


Our process reduces the client’s risk and maximizes the opposing parity’s exposure to risk which leads to higher settlement values or in the alternative better results at trial.

Critical Thinking

Our process requires critical, and independent thinking and often times is unorthodox, but has time proven the value of our methods.


If you want a team of experienced, proven and out of the box advocates to get you the best result, we are here to serve you.

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