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Workers’ Compensation

The relationship between employer and employee gives all the power to the side that provides both the opportunity and income. They tell you what to do, schedule the hours that you work, and pay you what they think you are entitled to.

Family Law

When it comes to priorities in life, nothing is more important than protecting your family. When a marriage or relationship ends, and the security of your home or children are threatened, you need an aggressive family law attorney who will fight to protect your interests.

Child Custody & Support

Raising a child is expensive, from paying for schooling and extracurricular activities to clothes, food, healthcare, and other basic needs. When parents get divorced, the ability to maintain the family’s previous standard of living can be called into question, which can result in you losing time with your children, or forfeiture of some or all of your parental rights.

Trucking Injuries

The trucking and railroad industries are the backbone of American commerce. Walz Law Offices knows how essential these employees are to our way of life, and the dangers they face on a daily basis.

Industrial Injuries

Manufacturing, energy production, and other fields that require working with heavy equipment or volatile substances are some of the best-paying jobs in Nebraska.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents can occur in a split second, or over the course of years. Are we talking in riddles now? Not at all. Many industrial jobs entail doing the same task, dozens, or even hundreds of times a day, resulting in what’s known as repetitive stress injuries.

Construction Accidents

The Omaha, NE, work injury lawyers at Walz Law Offices work hard to help injured construction workers and their families hold negligent employers accountable,

and get the injured party fully compensated for pain, suffering, lost wages, and medical bills.


If your marriage is over, you need a compassionate divorce lawyer to look out for your legal interests so you can concentrate on the well-being of your family.

Limited scope representation is an unbundled or “a la carte” legal service.  In a typical lawsuit, your attorney will handle all the aspects of litigation including but not limited to: drafting and filing all legal paperwork, attending all hearings, gathering all the evidence and negotiating with the other party or their lawyer.  Under full service representation, the client typically gets billed at the attorney’s hourly rate.

Under a limited scope arrangement, the lawyer only handles certain parts of your legal matter and you handle the other parts. For example, you might need a lawyer only to draft the settlement agreement, attend a hearing, or to just give you advise on how to examine your witnesses at trial.  This can reduce your legal costs and save you money as you are only paying the lawyer to do certain specific tasks.

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