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At Walz Law Offices, we take a detail-driven approach in establishing “the weight of evidence.” Once we secure and present that evidence, we want opposing parties to know that it would be in their best interests to have a mutually beneficial settlement, or that we are prepared for trial.

Nebraska-based attorney James Walz is a disabled veteran. He is well-known among his legal peers for being aggressive in pursuing the best possible result without any hesitation; that means focusing on what will deliver a much-needed “win” for our clients. Walz lawyers efforts have resulted in a track record of victories that speaks for itself.

From the moment we take on a case, we are fast and relentless in moving forward to overcome any and all setbacks and obstacles. We fight to control the evidence, a strategy that has resulted in success for our clients. Taking that power away from the opposition places and keeps us in the driver’s seat.

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James R. Walz

Senior Partner

Heather Horst

Family Law Attorney

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